A Love Anthem

j’aime a dit l’enfant blessé
et sa blessure a guéri

j’aime a dit l’homme perdu
et les étoiles l’ont guidé

j’aime a écrit le poète
sur le mur épais du mépris

j’aime – et le monde a changé
et l’Amour est entré dans nos cœurs

© Frédéric Georges Martin


I love the hurt child said
and his wound was healed

I love the lost man said
and the stars have guided him

I love the poet wrote
on the thick wall of contempt

I love – and the world has changed
and Love has entered our hearts

© Frédéric Georges Martin

The Spring

There’s a Spring in You.
There’s a Spring in Me.
A Spring within Us.

It cannot go dry.
It does not freeze
in the wintertime.

The Heart will cease to beat.
The Breath will be returned.
The Face will disappear.

But the Spring will not,
for It is a Sunrise
in the deep of the Night,

Life and more than life,
Light and more than light,
Love and more than love.

There’s a Spring.
The Spring,
within each of us.

© Frédéric Georges Martin

When September begins

Life has given us a Lute
with twelve thin strings of Hope.

When September begins
Love is so very near,
and trees in golden light
make it easy to sing

for those who have a Dream
and those who do not have any.

September has just begun,
the Light is warm and clear,
and so I take my lute
and sing my little Love song

for those who have a Dream
and those who do not have any.

© Frédéric Georges Martin


illustration:  September Afternoon (Joseph DeCamp, c1895)

La Isla de Fuego

Birds did not mistake about it,
You are the place
where the sky was born,
where everything ends
and begins in fire.

Wind. Breath. Spirit.
La Isla de Fuego, 
homeland of elements
black dream in the blue
white church by the sea.

Strangers at sunset,
how could we resist Your charms?
Old man in Your arms,
how could I be
not ready to die?

© Frédéric Georges Martin