In a Place of Peace

In a place of peace
I buried Hope with my own hands
I looked for heather in bloom
but could not find any flowers I like.

So I made a cross from twigs and ivy,
and my soul stood there,
naked in the wind, under onyx stars,
till the break of Dawn.

My sweetest Dream has gone,
I will not live on!
The truth has been left untold
and the sunlight looks so cold!


illustration: The Cemetery Entrance
(Caspar David Friedrich, 1825)

The Princess


She breathes
and sailors smile or worry,
She sings
and mermaids dream or cry.

She poses,
and painters do their best.
Then she disappears after
she sprinkled stardust in their eyes.

She sometimes wears
a wedding veil
but every man knows
she will never marry

for she is
the King’s mistress.
The Sea.
Princess of the seeking Souls.


illustration: Sketch For A Mermaid
(John William Waterhouse, 1892)

Dans un Jardin / In a Garden

Un soir d’été,
peut-être en juillet,
quand la lumière faiblissante
apaise tout,

après avoir touché la terre
et les arbres,
et senti la brise
s’élever jusqu’aux étoiles,

dans ce fin brouillard bleu,
qui fait la beauté
d’un jardin avant la Nuit,

j’aimerais quitter le monde.


On a Summer evening
maybe in July
when the dimming Light
heals everything

after I touched
trees and soil
and felt the breeze
rising up to the stars

in the blue mist that makes
a garden before the Night
such a peaceful place
I would like to leave

the world behind.


illustration: Garden of Dreams
(Eyvind Earle, 1990)

Not Too Late

Instead of watching tv
I could have gone to your garden.
There you had grown sunflowers
and planted a walnut tree.

But I did not care at all
and didn’t try to cross the wall.
The walnut tree was cut down,
sunflowers turned all to dust,

and now, you’re so far away.
Unsaid words weighs heavy
on my heart. Yet I still dare
to hope it’s not too late.

Daddy! What a wonderful garden!


illustration: the Gardener
Georges Seurat (1884-83)

Nevermore Lake


a tear in the sky
a rip in a canvas painting
Nevermore Lake
hurt by wars and years

and the blue ripples of time
and the song without words
willow trees used to sing
after Summer had gone

and a lover on the jetty
phantom waiting mutely
for the Night to reveal where
birds of yesterday found

a haven of peace


Illustration: jetty on the lake (restoration)
(Johan Jacobsen 1883-1953)
private collection © 2017 – F.G.M.