Birds of Paradise

Whether the Moon hides Her face
or She gives you
a gentle smile of grace,

if you believe in Parables
and remember Love
works miracles,

the Night of Christmas Eve
Birds of paradise will take you
under their silver wings.

Brave bearers of Hope,
keepers of the divine Spark
that lives inside the Heart,

they fly through the dark
they bring the stars to Earth
and make your Dreams

come true.

© Frédéric Georges Martin


illustration: Birds of Paradise (Vicente Manansala, XXth century)

Christmas Oath

Stars glitter gifs

I, little soul in the Winter wind,

do solemnly swear
that I will try again
to walk barefoot
in powder snow

just for fun.

I will never doubt
that teddy bears can do a somersault
when you don’t look at them
and that they all have

a living soul.

I will ever regard
falling stars
as stirring signs from Elsewhere
and will stay a child at heart


© Frédéric Georges Martin



Enfants de Noël / The Silence of Snow


Dans un jardin de fin décembre
des enfants de Noël
cueillent des fleurs de cendre
suivis d’un rouge-gorge, ami toujours fidèle.

Une pie endimanchée semble écouter
le bruit qu’ils font à peine sur la neige.
Dieu, que la lumière d’hiver est belle !
Je crois qu’ils sont des Anges !

Enfants de Noël,
nous le serons ce soir
si comme eux nous savons
tout recevoir, puis tout donner.


In the gardens of Winter
children of Christmas
followed by a faithful robin
gather ash flowers.

A Magpie in Sunday best
listens to the Silence of Snow.
I’m sure She knows
who they really are.

We too will be Angels of Light
if we can learn tonight
to receive everything
then to give it all.

© Frédéric Georges Martin


illustration: the Magpie
Claude Monet (1869)