Avril. Train de banlieue.
Dernier printemps, ton hiver.
1980. Au revoir Isabelle :
ton âme n’est plus éternelle.

Novembre. Le temps a passé
et nos parents sont au ciel.
Infini bleu, soleil couchant :
le monde est couronné de lumière.

1980. Sombre éternité.
Mais je suis resté ton frère.
Lumière, autre nom de l’Amour.
Lumière, et ta vie recommence.

© Frédéric Georges Martin


April. Suburban train.
Last Spring, your Winter.
1980. Isabelle’s farewell.
Her soul has gone.

November. Many years later.
Our parents in Heaven.
Blue Infinite. Sunset.
A world crowned with Light.

1980. Dark eternity.
But I’m still your brother.
Light. Another word for Love.
Light. And your life begins again.

© Frédéric Georges Martin


llustration: Ophelia (John-William Waterhouse, 1889)

La Source est généreuse,
le rivage est paisible,
l’eau chante et court
et c’est un flot d’amour.

qui ne tarit jamais.

Et si doucement je m’endors,
vous trouverez toujours
au bord bleu de la Nuit
ou dans le mot rivière

mieux que de l’or, de la Lumière.

© Frédéric Georges Martin


Bountiful Spring
peaceful Shore,
Love flows, waters sing
and never run dry.

And if I gently fall asleep

you will always find
on the blue edge of the Night
or in the word river
something better than gold,

you will find some Light.

© Frédéric Georges Martin


illustration : River Landscape (Gustave Courbet, 1869)

The birds have flown,
the tree has grown,
and nobody sits on the bench
but a sad and lonely child.

Did the gray heron
stop fishing in the pond?
Do water-lilies bloom
forever and beyond?

Time plays the piano
and brings me solace.
Miracles or Memories.
Stillness and Beauty.

at the edge of Eternity.
Oh! You look so pretty
when you come and sit by me!

© Frédéric Georges Martin


Poetry is not so much about writing
as it is about watching and listening.

That is how I know
you were sitting on that bench,

hidden in the light,
whispering words of love.

© Frédéric Georges Martin


Banc dans la lumière © 2016 – F.G.M.


Clearings in the Woods
that please the Moon
Edelweiss Fields
adored by the Sun

the cradle of stars
the Sea of Tranquility
the Land of Spring
the Edge of Nothing

the Source of the Stream,
60 Church Street, Alpha Orionis:
these may be some of the places
where the time goes.

© Frédéric Georges Martin


L’Heure de l’Infini  © 2017 – F.G.M.