Something blue

Sometimes you walk on water,
sometimes you sink like a stone:

there are many farewells
on the way to Summer.

Because the sun did not show up
I gave up on my blue dreams

and sold my soul to the Devil.
But bluebells bought it back:

some flowers are angels in disguise
some forests look like Paradise!

© Frédéric Georges Martin


Something blue © 2018 – F.G.M.

Forêt initiatique / A Path in the Forest


Un chemin qui mène
au royaume du hêtre
et des fougères immémoriales,
forêt initiatique.

Un chemin pour aller le soir
toucher de l’âme
la brume évanescente
sur l’étang silencieux,

et pour marcher à l’aube
jusqu’à la grande clairière,
certain de ne point rêver
en se fondant dans la Lumière.


A path in the forest
that only the Soul can take.
A walk to see
through the eyes of fern fronds

the mist over the pond
the green moon over trees
the Dryads
and the Wizard,

and only one morning
to unveil
the mystery of life
the mystery of death.

© Frédéric Georges Martin


illustration: Forest Path
(Renoir, 1875)