A little Comfort

Stars were already shining
before I was born.
It seems they always will,
but they too shall die.

And the Moon
shall fall from the sky
and the sky shall grow dark
and I feel so scared.

But I’m not alone.
I have found a hand to hold
and a little comfort
in the light of your Heart.

Heart Intelligence

His name is Haroon.

He’s a fatherless orphan.
He walks with a limp.
His eyes get shiny
when he reads Rumi.

No one stood up for him
when he was mocked.
He’s left-handed!
his mother still bemoans!

One could be tempted to say
Fate is a cruel mistress.
But he was given a Gift.
The Blessing of blessings.

His strength.
His smile.
Beauty and invincibility.
The Light in darkness.

Heart Intelligence.

Soir d’été / Summer Forever

La fenêtre est restée ouverte.
La brise est douce
comme quand
j’étais enfant.

Que les étoiles ce soir sont brillantes !
Est-ce la mer que j’entends ?
Je suis heureux.
Je ferme les yeux.

Soir d’été.
Dernier souffle.
Noir profond.
Nuit de lumière.

Je vois Dieu.


The window was left open.
The breeze is mild.
It’s exactly the same
as I was a child.

The stars have never looked so bright
and I can hear the Sea.
Tonight is
Summer forever.

Last Breath.
Deep Black.
in the Night of Light.

I see God.


illustration: Nocturne in Black and White. The Falling Rocket
(James McNeill Whistler, c1875)

The Princess


She breathes
and sailors smile or worry,
She sings
and mermaids dream or cry.

She poses,
and painters do their best.
Then she disappears after
she sprinkled stardust in their eyes.

She sometimes wears
a wedding veil
but every man knows
she will never marry

for she is
the King’s mistress.
The Sea.
Princess of the seeking Souls.


illustration: Sketch For A Mermaid
(John William Waterhouse, 1892)