When the August sky is deep
and clear
Joshua Trees stay awake all Night.

They stand up straight and silent
like serene and wise
Desert stargazers,

and if you can hear their heart beating
they will teach you how to see
with your eyes closed

the Perseid meteor shower.

© Frédéric Georges Martin

Born on the Second Day
from a starless vault,
they waited patiently
for your first heartbeat.

Though they were huge
and blue
they were not complete
without you.

Night Skies
gave you Life
and filled your eyes
with sparkles of light

so that you can
fill the sky with stars
and give the world
a little more Love.

© Frédéric Georges Martin

La fenêtre est restée ouverte.
La brise est douce
comme quand
j’étais enfant.

Que les étoiles ce soir sont brillantes !
Est-ce la mer que j’entends ?
Je suis heureux.
Je ferme les yeux.

Soir d’été.
Dernier souffle.
Noir profond.
Nuit de lumière.

Je vois Dieu.


The window was left open.
The breeze is mild.
It’s exactly the same
as I was a child.

The stars have never looked so bright
and I can hear the Sea.
Tonight is
Summer forever.

Last Breath.
Deep Black.
in the Night of Light.

I see God.

© Frédéric Georges Martin


illustration: Nocturne in Black and White. The Falling Rocket
(James McNeill Whistler, c1875)