Farewell to the Seine

She was quiet and almost sad.
Olds ladies were painting.
I could not say anything.
I just threw flowers in the river.

I don’t love you anymore
and I’m going to leave you.
Cruel words a poet should
never say to her muse.

How strangely still the water was!
Did the women notice something?
Flowers danced silently on the Seine.
Lost world in watercolours.

I left without looking back.

© Frédéric Georges Martin


Fleurs sur la Seine © 2019– F.G.M.

No Border

there is no border
between the Tree and the Sky

between the Leaf and the Wind
wild Flowers and Wayfarers

no border between
the River and the Sea

the Eyes and the World
the Word and the Dream

the Potter and the Clay

© Frédéric Georges Martin


Catalpa en fleurs © 2017– F.G.M.